Hoarding Woes: Let There Be Heat!

Another mile stone…my Aunt allowed a repair man to come into her home today..venture through the mazes…down into the basement and service a furnace that had not been used in quite a few years. She now has heat. Getting her to run the furnace enough to maintain a safe, healthy environment will be a task but hey…she let him in and it is running!

She is entertaining the idea of going out for lunch now and then. Actually going out to do something away from her stuff and without acquiring more stuff. She misses my mom, her acquisition cohort.

Memory comes and goes so we have to call frequently to remind her of scheduled appts. or plans. It is an effort to keep her on task for meds, food, water, hygiene, safety but she is doing better than she was a year ago.

She allows bags of garbage to come out now without a big inspection of the bag’s contents. This is helping reduce odors and flies. We have the TV sometimes working; the radio is working, and she is considering a ‘Life Alert’ type device. Need to do some research on that.

The nagging thought is there will be a tipping point at which I must make a decision to protect her or do what is in her best interest, but perhaps not her preference. I pray later than sooner.


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