Hoarding Woes: Permission to Enter?

Until only recently, my Auntie had not allowed anyone to enter her home. This included her sis, my mom (also a bigger hoarder) who provided transportation for her sis. So, when she allowed me to come in and then my wife, to visit and fix things it was quite an achievement.

So, a new accomplishment is convincing her of the need to unbury her furnace. To allow someone in to service it (it hasn’t been running in about 5 years, as she has been ‘conserving oil’ and $$$). On her own, she made an appointment with a furnace service provider for next week. Wow! She cleared away all around the furnace. Remember she is 93 y/o. She cleared the stairs down into the basement. She allowed me down to fix all the burned out light bulbs. She even let me vacuum cobwebs and inches of dust off the window seals and along the edges of the floors and around command center/bedroom/office…the couch.

These are enormous permissions granted in trust and acceptance of an outreached hand. I am not deluded by the bigger, looming tasks. But, they may never be completed let alone initiated anytime soon. For now it is provide a safer, cleaner, warmer, more loving environment for her amongst her stuff.


2 thoughts on “Hoarding Woes: Permission to Enter?

  1. Imogene

    Are you providing resources here or simply recounting your own mess? Of what value is this to those, like me, searching for solutions?

    1. SwittersB

      Hello Imogene,
      Tough question. No solutions. Only my own venting to ease the pressures. I share for me. I share to not feel a failure from the past. I have let many people down over the years, to include my departed mom. I won’t offer up the usual ‘if by sharing this it helps someone….’ Nope, just writing for myself to vent and keep my focus on helping those before me and alive. Good enough for me. I am sure you can find many of the usual sites that define OCH and how common it is. Who cares. The psychology is a myriad of challenges that encompasses more than things or stuff. If another person’s humanity is not a resource to endure….then I wish you luck

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