Hoarding Woes: Laying Siege

“A siege is a military blockade of a city or fortress with the intent of conquering by attrition or assault.” Wikipedia


While the sales have been progressing outside, I have been  inside sorting good stuff out the door for the sales and mostly bagging damaged goods. I boxed and bagged so much that I was literally getting boxed in, with little room to maneuver. So, with another drop box delivered last night, the stuff started spewing forth this morning up out of the basement. From there is was deposited where my son used a wheel barrow to move it around the house to the open jaws of another box. Compulsive Hoarding

Room is being slowly recaptured. Momentum is gained and lost. Some days you look at the mess, and you have that feeling like you are moving and have packed up 90% of your belongings and there is still all this little stuff everywhere. It has fallen through the organizational cracks. Often it is tossed or boxed en masse and ends up unopened in the garage or a closet. Except much of this is headed for the dump. Neither suitable for sale or retention, it must be bagged or boxed and put in that drop box.

So, the picture above is a bit deceptive. This is a basement pic. Initially, the path through the debris ran past the three drawer chest-o-drawers around the corner past the stove. That path was two feet deep with stuff. The area around this path was often four to five feet high and cascading down into the path. So, the fact that you can see the floor is notable, even if it does look messy. It actually is amazingly clean by comparison.

The box was about 2/3 full here. By day’s end, the doors were closed and tomorrow we will top it off. I estimate we have another 3-4 boxes to go, on top of the four we have already done.

Has To Be.


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