Hoarding Woes: Progression, Step by Step

Moving along, step by step. Had the yard sales and moved a fair amount of stuff down the drive way. Clean up has been on hold because the drop box would block access to a sale and the debris needs to be moved right thru the area where the sale was set up.

Sale setup had been moved allowing access to new drop box to be delivered this coming weekend. Lots stockpiled in house, in basement. Not much room to move down there right now, so as it goes out of the house to the drop box, there will be room to move…I won’t say room to breath as masks are still well in order. Bigger effort now to really make room and clear all corners to the floor.

Getting to the harder decisions of family keepsakes. Who want this and who wants that. If no one wants them, do I keep them anyway out of loyalty and the where do I put the valuables…and are they valuable if no one on the outside wants them?

Assessing the value of 1940’s costume jewelry and nick nacks and the like. Won’t be easy because as the house clears out (not even close yet) there will be an impulse, I suspect, to rush to conclusion. To get to the repairs. There is a sizeable lien on the home, so the bank is pushing as we make interest payments on the debt to keep them at bay.

I keep my eyes on the different factors pressing in but attempt to keep my mind in neutral to lessen the stresses. The physical exertion alone has been daunting for family members that all currently deal with pain issues (nerve damage, arthritis, tweaked discs, spasming muscles). It is an exercise in mind control to face into the mess, keep positive, not judge the past, stay motivated and not give up and deal with the pain, heat and unhealthy environment. It could be worse, of course. It almost always can be.


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