Hoarding Woes: Stuff Relief & A Tradition Renewed

After much planning, a second yard sale has taken place. Stuff is moving out at rock bottom prices. This is making room and is having an uplifting of the spirits. Nice people are dropping by and visiting. Some even recall, long ago, attending sales at my mom’s.

A renewal of an old tradition: a ‘sale’. My mom, when healthy and somewhat ‘organized’ loved this process. Making a profit from acquired stuff. That was the plan but it fell apart because of health problems and an inability to stay ahead of stuff coming in the door.

So, with a tip of the hat…a toast…a large wad of dollar bills….here’s to you Mom. Things are happening, stuff is moving down the driveway. This is a sale of just stuff. Not her good treasures. That is another matter. Pricing, retention, hard decisions of the treasures. Can it all be retained by someone within the family circle?


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