Hoarding Woes: Finds, Sale Prep & Another Load

Another drop box full to the brim wasted stuff. Huge effort made to get ready for first of many sales. My mom had  fascination with Christmas and the 4th of July. Found cool stuff for sale pre-4th. Fitting tribute for a patriot.

Also, found two cool things. My original Lionel train set sealed in a drum. 50 years old. Cool! Also, a two newspapers from 1992…from the Yukon. My dad ventured up there just before he died to celebrate the 5oth anniversary of the opening of the Al-Can hiway. Damn he was an awesome man! Pictures of him in the paper…cool finds.


One thought on “Hoarding Woes: Finds, Sale Prep & Another Load

  1. SwittersB

    A common thread, I suspect, and one that is woven into the fabric of my life, is avoidance, neglect, lack of effort….in making sure your hoarding parent is ok. Maybe they have no one, but neighbors, friends, children, family often give up or give in to the stiff arm. There can be a fierce resistance and out of respect or giving up, the space that is needed to stay unchallenged is afforded…and hence they sit alone, and die a most lonely death. My mom died in my home while I held her hand and rubbed her forehead. Thank God almighty, I did not have to suffer through the guilt of neglecting her in the end. It is bad enough I neglected as much as I did.

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