Hoarding Woes: Self Examination & Decisions Waiting

Met my Aunt and family members at her house. She and I entered. She was too embarrassed to let others inside. The smells and clutter struck her. She has been living in a pristine environment for several months, since her illness. The contrast to her current living conditions v. her past conditions caused her to reconsider the compromises needed to get back into her home.

She acknowledged that safety was indeed an issue and that considerable effort would have to be made to make the house ready. At first she said she would have to move in first and work on cleaning things up and sorting. To have agreed to this would have been easy. A quick way to just be done. But, my duty to her calls for me to say no. No to the endless re-negotiations and to the still present dangers and safety concerns. No…I said No (gently). We must make room first. She must trust me and give me authority or authorization to touch her possessions…to reposition them or discard the truly damaged or dirty. She said she would reconsider this.

I have not been into my mom’s (mine) house this week. Work and personal issues have precluded me from digging in. This next week, I must get a few days into completing a drop box load.


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