Hoarding Woes: Heat, Hydration & a Mixed Bag

The first hot day of Summer, close to 85 degrees. The bending, pulling, sorting, stuffing, lifting and climbing up stairs takes its toll. 70+ large bags today. Many boxes too. Hot, humid and odors penetrating the mask. You take a break and old muscles cramp. Drink more water.

If one was good, four was better. Proven over and over. Also, treasures (pictures) interspersed with old bills and greeting cards, all bundled in those damn, ubiquitous plastic bags and knotted at the top. Do you open each one? Only if you don’t want to throw away that picture from tens years ago. You gave it to her, but with no place to display it, it ends up in a garbage bag…stored, but lost in the piles or layers of stuff.

Today, I worked my way down through four feet of stuff against a wall. Almost at the bottom, I found a damp gift box with amazing treasures (pictures) dating back 50 years of my ex-wife, myself. Wonderful pictures of teenage kids with not a care in the world.

The point today is drink plenty of water, keep your dirty surgical gloves away from your eyes or itchy nose. And, careful of those bundles of old bills and greeting cards in the plastic bag or old box or some container (the mixed bag). There may be an odd treasure here and there. I am sure I have missed some, but I have saved quite a few.


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