Hoarding Woes: Filth Removal (Infectious Crapola)

“By “filth” I mean the real stuff: Poop, animal soaked fabrics, bacteria-laden kitchens and bathrooms, unkempt floors and other areas capable of harboring infectious waste. It’s the sort of stuff most of us understand when we see it. If seeing is not enough, its odor removes any doubt.”

“I promise myself this: Try not to touch the same item twice. Never touch the same item more than twice. Touching any item more than twice means poor attention to detail. Poor planning, too much day dreaming.”  Hoarding Cleanup Advice

You will be acutely aware when you keep handling the same object over and over, especially if moving onto a mountain of stuff the keeps sluffing off….damn there is that damn thing again. Probably an omen to shit can it!


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